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Be a CHANGEMAKER together

I’m Bao, I knew nothing about Make a Different (MaD) before I got the promotional email from HER Fund. I joined the Annual MaD Conference 2011, which aimed to create changes on young people from all over the world in three days.

In the three-day activities, I was very impressed by the speeches of Aimee Mullins and Emmanuel Jal at the Opening Ceremony. Aimee lost her legs when she was one-year old. With her persistency and patience, she is now an athlete, model and actress. Emmanuel grew up in Sudan as a child soldier since he was seven-years old. He had experienced grave starving during the war and at one time, and he nearly ate his best friend.

I joined some of the workshops about creativity, environmental protection, leadership training and spirit of entrepreneurship, etc. I learnt so much from the speakers, but more, I knew many MaDees who have strong passion to create a better society. They triggered my aspirations and inspired me that even an ordinary person like me can make a difference to create a better society!

Annual MaD is just a start. Let’s keep the ball rolling and be a change maker together!

Bao, participant of Annual MaD 2011

(Photos provided by www.MaD.asia