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Art is a many splendid thing

Art is a many splendid thing: as long as we put our heart into it, immersing ourselves in the world of color and shapes, we can all be artists.

Freelance artist Eli Poon will work with HER Fund next month to provide art jamming courses so that more people could use drawing as a way to express themselves.

“I hope through art jamming people who think they are not talented in the arts could develop a fresh perspective on painting,” says Poon.

Art jamming is now a popular activity adapted both for individuals or group of friends who would like to be creative and have fun at the same time. Technique is not a concern as the focus is on self-expression.

The sessions will be guided by an artist, who will teach participants basic skills before providing them with accessible tools and a comfortable venue to paint.

Poon, who has plenty of experiences in administrative work, knows how happiness could easily fade away amid daily and repetitive routines.

"Painting is something that could free us from shackles of life. The process, which is fun, is also more important than outcomes," says Poon. "In fact art jamming is as much about relaxing yourself as learning to paint."

Hong Kongers are always under pressure, and this is particularly true for women of marginalized groups such as single mothers and sex workers. "They have to face up to many problems pertinent to livelihood, and because they are women the pressure on them are more immense than usual."

Youth is also a group that needs special attention as sex education here is heavily tilted towards contraception, leaving the equally important gender issues untouched.

"Living in this age of information it is very important to educate teenage girls on the right attitude towards body and sex," Poon adds.

Poon says there are people in Hong Kong promoting gender issues yet many of them need resources to sustain their effort.

"It’s great that through art jamming we can help to raise fund for Her Fund and let more people try their hands at painting."